Poland market Hohenwutzen

cheap fuel & shopping

Poland market Hohenwutzen

Cheap Fuel & Shopping

360 tour

Virtual tour of the KuDamm

Take a virtual tour of the KuDamm at Poland Market Hohenwutzen now. Even before your visit, discover the many market stalls and restaurants along the main street at our market. Here you can make real bargains and save up to 50% when buying cigarettes, food from Poland, fresh fruits and vegetables, clothes, shoes, hardware and much more. Poland Market Hohenwutzen is open for you every day, including Sundays and holidays. With the duty-free carry-on of up to 800 cigarettes (usually 4 cartons) as well as an additional 20 liter fuel reserve canister, a visit to our market is especially worthwhile. There is no more border control - you can cross the border directly by car, bus or on foot.

You save with ... Euro

You save on cigarettes**: ... Euro

* With a tank capacity of 55 liters, plus 20 liters for a spare canister if necessary.

** Each person of legal age is allowed to take 800 cigarettes duty free.