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Poland market Hohenwutzen

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

You have lost or forgotten something? All lost items can be picked up the next day at the blue gas station of Poland Market Hohenwutzen. Exception: Money and credit cards, which have been forgotten at one of the gas stations, will also be kept there and can be picked up there again.

You can pay in zloty and EUR at all market stalls and restaurants. If you pay cash in EUR, you will also get EUR back as change. At many larger market stalls and restaurants, as well as at gas stations, you can also conveniently pay with EC and credit cards, as well as your smartphone.

Our tip: When paying by card, always choose payment in zloty (payment without conversion), the conversion is then made at the current rate of your bank. This is usually much cheaper than paying in EUR at the guaranteed or offered rate.

Only at our gas stations you can pay directly in EUR as in Germany, so you will not incur any exchange losses or fees.

Directly at the entrance to the Netto discount store (at the large front parking lot) you will find an ATM that dispenses Polish zloty. When withdrawing cash from the ATM, fees may apply.

Our tip: When withdrawing cash, always choose payment in zloty (payment without conversion), the conversion will then be made at the current rate of your bank. This is usually much cheaper than converting to EUR at the guaranteed or offered rate, which is shown on the display.

In the German border village Hohenwutzen, Hohenwutzener Chausse 35 (about 10 minutes walk) there is an ATM of the Sparkasse Märkisch-Oderland, which dispenses EUR.

Most dealers on the market speak understandable to good German. However, if there are any communication problems, a neighboring dealer will be happy to help you. 

In Poland, too, there is a statutory warranty claim of 12 months on all purchased new goods. However, there is a right of return or exchange only if the goods have defects or deviate from the description of the dealer. If you are unable to reach an agreement with a dealer in this regard, please call us on the toll-free hotline 0800 5533232. We are happy to help you with the mediation.

There are a total of 8 customer restrooms at the market, two of which are handicapped accessible and two of which are equipped with a changing table. These are signposted and marked on the Market plan marked. The use of the toilets is free of charge.

99% of our market are barrier-free accessible for people with wheelchairs, walkers or wheelchairs. The large market hall has a barrier-free elevator, and there is a suitably equipped toilet at the blue service station.

Cigarettes: 800 pieces
Smoking tobacco: 1 kg
Spirits: 10 liters (e.g. vodka, rum)
Sparkling wine: 60 liters
Beer: 110 liters
Coffee: 10 kg

In each case per person from 17 years. The individual goods are not mutually exclusive, so you may import e.g. 800 cigarettes AND 1 kg of tobacco AND 10 kg of coffee duty-free into Germany!

Fuel/gasoline: reserve canister with a maximum capacity of 20 liters per vehicle.

Category F1: all year ab 12 years
Category F2: all year from 18 years
Category F3-F4: import allowed only with special permission

Sound generator category P1: All year round from 18 years (only for the specified purpose)

This is an excerpt, for the complete listing and more information please see HERE on the website www.zoll.de.

All data without guarantee.

In order to help you find your way around the market and quickly find your favorite merchant, since 2015 there has been an organizational system at the market consisting of streets and a house number assigned to each market stall. The numbers start at the southern or western end of the respective street. Even numbers are always on the right, odd numbers on the left. The large market hall is divided into the "lower ring" on the first floor and the "upper ring" on the upper floor. In addition, there is the small market hall with ground and upper floor as well as the (former) border building just after the Oder bridge. All streets are marked on the market map as well as signposted on the market. In addition, each market stall has a sign with the street name and house number.


For your safety, the entire market area is monitored by camera and illuminated in the dark. In addition, a security guard is on site 24h.

At the restaurant "Star" in Chopinallee 11, between the blue gas station and the stop of the shuttle bus, you can borrow trolleys free of charge every day between 9 am and 5 pm.

Borrowing is free of charge, an identity card, passport or driver's license is required as a deposit.

For your own safety, "flying traders" are not allowed at the market. These mostly offer counterfeit or low-quality goods and approach you in the parking lot, at the gas station or at the entrances of the market. Sometimes they also offer to clean your windshield or guard your car.

Please do not accept such offer and inform us on the free hotline 0800 5533232 or our security guard on site.

All dealers authorized in our market have a fixed location with appropriate marking and registration.

The sale of puppies or other animal puppies is not allowed on our market. Animals are not toys and an acquisition should be well considered.

We were one of the first companies in the region to introduce waste separation. Cardboard and paper waste is collected separately and fully recycled. Please help us by using the appropriate waste containers.

Fun and games for the whole family, in an idyllic park atmosphere with a view of the Oder River. From April to October, daily 9 am to 5 pm. (see Market plan)

Currently, there are no regulations or restrictions on either entering or staying in Poland. 

Yes, you are welcome to bring your dog to the market.

Out of consideration for other visitors, we ask that dogs be kept on a leash at all times. 

In front of most restrooms you will find water stations, and at many market stalls you can buy delicious snacks for your four-legged friend.

In some restaurants, hairdressing salons or market stalls dogs may not be allowed, please respect the decision of the respective operators.

You may take one dog per person on our shuttle bus free of charge. The dog must wear a muzzle and must not lie directly on the seats or in the aisle. We recommend the use of a dog crate or carrier bag.

Yes, there is a packing station of the provider InPost at the Poland Market Hohenwutzen. The packing station is located directly next to the Netto discount store at the front large parking lot and is freely accessible 24 hours.

You can have packages delivered to this Packstation if you use this for example ordered on the Internet from Amazon or Allegro. When ordering, please specify as delivery address Osinow Dolny 55, 74-520 Cedynia, Poland and your cell phone number. After that you can select delivery to the appropriate packing station, if the supplier offers this option.

To pick up the package you need a QR code and PIN, both will be sent to you by email. The operating language of the Packstation is Polish or English.

The service is usually associated with no additional cost, provided that the collection is made within 48h.

All information without guarantee. For more information please contact the provider InPost directly.

Packstation auf dem Polenmarkt Hohenwutzen

You save with ... Euro

You save on cigarettes**: ... Euro

* With a tank capacity of 55 liters, plus 20 liters for a spare canister if necessary.

** Each person of legal age is allowed to take 800 cigarettes duty free.